Priceless Removals Around Swansea

Furniture dating back to Louis XV, made from the finest materials and expecting to carry price tags running into hundreds of thousands of pounds are on sale. Their most recent fine art auction saw the sale of an Old Master with an estimated value of 6 pounds million.

Wealthy people are well aware that antiques just do not lose value and are an excellent investment for the future. Unlike the precarious property market and unstable banking systems, antique furniture will hold its value, if not gain more, and can be enjoyed for what it is by the owner.

But what happens to this furniture leading up to the sale and immediately after?

Furniture has to be moved from the current owner, stored and then transported to the auction. Transportation after the sale to the new owner is of utmost importance as, of course, the owner wants it to arrive in the condition in which he purchased it.

An antique furniture removal is an incredibly specialised operation. Furniture and fine art have to be moved and stored with meticulous care and handling.

There is also the safety aspect to consider. With the top auctions going on in the heart of Swansea, hosting sales of items worth up to millions of pounds, secure storage is of paramount importance. Choosing the right company to store and move your antique furniture will ensure that fully trained and security cleared personnel will take care of your valuables.

Using the most sophisticated electronics as well as fire detection and prevention, the right antique furniture removal company will treat your treasures as if they were their own. Only the top companies will receive, unpack, assess and report the condition of your antiques as well as offer a restoration and conservation service.

Whilst in possession of your furniture, they will keep a removals in swansea record of its condition and location, from the moment of a receipt up until delivery. Not restricted to Swansea, a reputable antique furniture removal company will be able to safely and securely ship your purchase to any worldwide location.

Of course, everybody must care for the environment in the light of the risks of vehicle emissions - particularly in and around Swansea the volume of traffic is so enormous. Auctions in Swansea are taking place constantly with hundreds of lots per sale, requiring many deliveries and removals.

Choosing a removal company that considers the environment is essential. Storage containers made from wood from sustainable sources, with the option of re-using the packaging is a wise decision. Using electric hybrid vehicles with low emission levels is also an environmentally friendly option.

Antique furniture removal companies are also able to remove complete households and offices and relocate them, providing a complete packing, storage, removal and relocation service. To ensure your investment, ask the removal company you use to compose a full survey and report, detailing all possessions and exactly what they intend to provide.